System Modernization Planning

Random Bit offers our clients modern information technology solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. We have developed a proven methodology that enables us to execute against client requirements in the highly complex and regulated landscape of state government and federally mandated healthcare/Medicaid programs. In this compliance-driven and organizationally complex landscape, we serve as advocates for our state partners, bringing together the diverse stakeholder groups (including state and federal government agencies, healthcare providers, and technology vendors) to achieve successful outcomes. We act as an accelerator and an enabler for our clients, ensuring that they can orchestrate multiple internal and external teams, including vendors and other third-party entities, with time-constrained contract expectations.

Architecture Services

Random Bit delivers technology strategies in the form of solution plans, architecture roadmaps, phasing plans, and enterprise standards that our clients use to govern complex projects to achieve the desired business objectives. These strategies are ideal for helping clients navigate the complexities inherent in modernization projects and are designed to help remove impediments caused by disagreements or misunderstandings while driving towards a common vision that accelerates the project. We have experienced Enterprise, Solution, and Data Architects that establish the enterprise architecture for governing system modernization programs as well as creating the solution architecture that drives the design, development, and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Random Bit establishes the appropriate governance frameworks for the development of enterprise architecture that governs processes and procedures utilized across our system modernization contracts. Part of our services include serving as the integrated information technology governance coordinator, maintaining awareness of regulatory requirements, and ensuring that technology initiatives are responsive to those requirements. We have led efforts to understand and respond to multiple sets of changing federal and state requirements, defining the client obligations in response to interoperability requirements, and coordinating the response to security requirements for cloud-based health systems.

Data Governance

Random Bit provides data governance and data management services to our clients to establish, improve, and maintain the controls required for data assets. Our assessment method enables us to create an action plan of process improvements required to meet business, technology, and compliance goals. Having been adjacent to many theoretical and wasteful implementations, we established an action-oriented framework, based on DAMA, that focuses on the core capabilities required for a mature data governance posture. Whether our clients are undertaking a technology transformation program, data integration project, or simply want to get control of their data assets, the Random Bit data governance offering is essential for ensuring business outcomes.